MEMS 1xN Fiber Optical Switch-2D

N up to 64, bidirectional (Preliminary)
  • Compact
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability

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The MEMS 1xN Fiber Optical Switch is based on a reflecting silicon mirror that directs light from an input fiber to the requested output fiber among the N output fibers. The light path length difference between each state is small. The switch is bidirectional, that can be used as Nx1. It comes mounted on a PCB with control electronics powered by 5VDC. TTL control interface is a standard. USB or RS232 with GUI is achieved through an optional adapting board that comes with a wall pluggable power supply and a computer interface cable.

This MEMS platform offers the advantages of low cost and compact size. The on/off ratio, channel isolation, optical power handling, and response speed are less than our digital silicon mirrors-based switches.


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