MEMS Ultra-Mini 1×2 Fiber Optical Switch - High Cross Talk

>70dB On/Off Ratio
  • >70 dB On/Off Ratio
  • High Reliability
  • Direct DC drive
  • Ultra-Small
  • ESD Insensitive

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The MEMS Ultra-Mini Fiber Optical 1×2 Switch with high cross talk uses a patented thermal activated micro-mirror, moving-in and -out optical paths, uniquely featuring high stability over a wide temperature range, small size, and exceptionally long operation life.  The thermal MEMS is insensitive to moisture and ESD and has no short and long-term drifts, uniquely providing a high-reliability platform for over 25 years of continuous operation. The device also functions as a high-performance variable attenuator in which the output light intensity can be continuously controlled.  The Ultra-Mini switches are Telcordia GR1221 qualified.

Agiltron provides driving circuit design and customer integrations. A low cost and convenient USB driver is also available.


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 MEMS UltraMini Series Switch        Min        Typical Max Unit
Operation Wavelength                       1260~~1610 nm
Insertion Loss [1],          0.6 1.0 dB
PDL (SMF version) 0.1 dB
Extinction Ratio (PMF version)         18 dB
Return Loss [1]         50 dB
Cross Talk [1] SM, Port1-Port2         68 70 90 dB
SM, Port1-Port3         55[2] 70 80
SM, Port2-Port3         68 70 90
Switching Time 5          10 ms
Repeatability                                                           ±0.05 dB
Repetition Rate 10           Hz
Durability            109 Cycle
Power Consumption (activated)                                                             270 mW
Switching Type                                 Non-Latching
Operating Temperature [3]             -5      70 oC
Storage Temperature            -40      85 oC
Optical Power Handling    300      500 mW
Package Dimension                       10L x 6.6W x 4.6H mm
Package Weight 1.9 g
Fiber Type Single Mode                     SMF-28 or equivalent
PM                    Panda 250 PM or equivalent

[1]. Excluding connectors.

[2]. Adjusting driving voltage increase this cross talk by aligning the MEMS mirror blocking position

[3]. Lower temperature version is available, please call us.