Switch Driver for 1x2/2x2

Push Button/TTL/USB Windows GUI For MEMS, LB, Fiber-Fiber 1x2/2x2 Switches
  • USB Interface
  • Push Button
  • TTL
  • GUI
  • Power Supply

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The SW-DR-5 is a compact electrical driver compatible with LightBend™, Fiber-Fiber™, MEMS, and CrystalLatch™ 1×2/2×2 switches. It has three control modes: manual push-button, TTL, USB with a user-friendly GUI Windows™ program. It is intended for convenient laboratory use or switch performance evaluation. The compact driver has a plastic molded holder to prevent shorting and a mini-USB connector for powering and control interface. A 5-PIN split cable is available for TTL input upon request. It can be powered by the accompanied USB cable via a computer or a 5V cellphone wall plug power supply. It is designed as a cost-effective solution for ease of using our switches and popular with a large number of customers around the world.


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