Electronic Driver for MEMS 1xN

Push Button/TTL/USB or RS232, MEMS 1x4/1x8/1x12/1x16, Windows GUI
  • USB
  • RS232
  • Push Button
  • TTL
  • GUI
  • Power Supply

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The MS-DR-1 evaluation kit is compatible with MEMS 1×4/1×8/1×12/1×16 switches. It has three control modes: manual push button; TTL; USB or RS232 with a user-friendly GUI Windows™ program supporting UART commands.  It is intended for convenient laboratory use or switch performance evaluation. The unit has a mini USB connector with a USB-to-MicroUSB cable or a special RS232-to-MicroUSB cable to support RS232 connection.  It can be powered by 5-12V power supply. It is a cost-effective solution for ease of using our switches.


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Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Operating Temperature -10 70 °C
Storage Temperature -40 85 °C
Voltage -0.3 5.0 12.0 V