Ultra High Power UV Curing Light

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(ultra-bright paper burning)

This UV LED spot light burns paper with an output power density exceeding legacy mercury UV lamps. It is the most powerful device on the market. The design leverages military gear development expertise, realizing a ruggedized manufacturing tool. The 365nm UV light features fast and deep epoxy curing, compact size, ease of use, and longevity. The hand-held UV light can be switched on/off either by a finger press or a foot pedal (included) and has a timer ranging from 10 sec to 60 min.



  • Long Operation hour
  • High Power
  • Compact
  • Low Cost


  • UV adhesive cure
  • UV coating
Wavelength    365±5, 385±5nm
UV irradiance4.0 – 5.0 *W/cm2
Cure timeMax. 60 Sec. or 60 Min
UV spot sizeΦ4mm
UV cure distance20mm
Cooling methodair blowing
Operation life10,000hours


* Average intensity over the spot size Φ4mm at working distance

P/N: SUVA-011111031

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