Ultra High Power UV Curing System

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(ultra-bright paper burning)

This unique UV LED spot curing light has high power density that exceeds UV lamps. It burns paper. The design leverages military gear development expertise. This hand-held 365nm UV light features fast and deep epoxy curing, compact size, and ease of use. It offers long operation life, excellent reliability, high energy efficiency. The UV light has a built-in timer and can be switched on/off either by a finger press or a foot pedal.

Sales contact: Jenny Yuan, email: jyuan@agiltron.com, phone number: 781-465-2661

Buy Online: $1,180.00

Buy Online: $1,180.00

  • Long Operation hour
  • High Power
  • Compact
  • Low Cost


  • UV adhesive cure
  • UV coating
Parameter Description Unit
Wavelength     365±5, 385±5 nm
UV irradiance 4.0 – 5.0 * W/cm2
Cure time Max. 60 Sec. or 60 Min
UV spot size Φ4 mm
UV cure distance 20 mm
Cooling method air blowing
Operation life 10,000 hours


* Average intensity over the spot size Φ4mm at working distance

P/N: SUVA-011111031