Ultra High Power Deep UV Curing Spot Light/Lamp/System - 1 Head

  • Highest Power In Industry, Paper Burning
  • 235, 255, 275, 280, 365, 405, 440nm
  • Fan Cooling For Continuous Operation
  • Lens For Illumination Homogeneity
  • Wavelength Selection: 235nm to 440nm
  • Ruggedized Production Tool
  • Timer Adjust – Front Knob
  • Power Adjust – Front Knob and Focus Point Size
  • Beam Size Adjust – with the Head Holder
  • On/Off – Finger/Foot
  • 1-Year Warranty

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This UV LED spotlight has an output power density that surpasses legacy mercury UV lamps, making it the most powerful device on the market. It leverages years of military UV gear development, resulting in a ruggedized manufacturing tool designed for mass-market use. The UV spot light offers rapid and deep epoxy curing, continuous long operation time, homogeneous illumination, compact size, ease of use, and longevity. The handheld UV light can be switched on and off using either a finger-press button or a foot pedal. The illumination time is settable with a timer and displayed in the front panel. The illumination power is adjustable from 10% to 99% using a front rotating knob. The optical lens is designed for collimating and focusing, with an adjustable spot size ranging from 4 mm to 50 mm in diameter (the power density decreases accordingly). A computer controller, available in the four-head box compatible with the single head, allows you to set both the timer and power via USB/GUI. We also produce optical power meters tailored to fit the head size, ensuring accurate measurement of the power level. Please do not look directly at the UV light, as it can harm your eyes. We offer several eye protection accessories, including glasses, a UV head-mount shield, and large transparent plate shields.

Note: The item, once shipped, can not be returned.

Questions and Answers
Q: What is the best wavelength I should choose if my epoxies have a wide range of curing wavelengths?
A: All epoxies can be cured at a shorter wavelength since these UV lights are more energetic and provide better and deeper curing. However, not all epoxies can be cured at a longer wavelength that requires a special formulation to be cured thoroughly.

Q: If I want to cure a UV epoxy through a piece of transparent plastic, what wavelength head should I choose?
A: Transparent plastic blocks 365nm UV light. Therefore one needs to choose an epoxy that can be cured at 450nm and choose the matching head.

Q: Is the UV head output power calibrated?
A: The output power of each UV head is tested to meet the range stated on the datasheet. Since the output power of each UV head is highly sensitive to the actual sample position, we recommend customer to calibrate the power density using a power meter in place of the sample. The power can be changed by adjusting the UV head position using our holder or by setting it in the four-head control box.


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