Optical Switch Evaluation Kit Circuit Board and Software (MEMS)

(we make custom electronic circuits for all application scenarios)

The SW-DR-3 optical switch evaluation kit is comprised of an evaluation board, software, a power supply, and a computer interface cable. The evaluation board integrates standard RS232 port or USB based virtual COM port plus TTL interfaces, allowing the user to easily create flexible and customized control logic configurations. It features real time control and supports Photonwares MEMSLatch™) 1X4 and 1×8 switches, 1×2/2×2 switches will be supported on next version. A user-friendly Windows™ application program is included for multi-purpose  switch testing and demonstration.

The standard driver controls one individual switch. Drivers that control multiple switches also are available, please call Sales at (781) 935-1200 for more information.

Alternate RS232 version: