MEMS 1×N Fiber Optical Switches - 1D

  • High Reliability
  • Digital Direct Activation
  • Wide Operation Temperature (-40Co to 85Co)
  • Latching
  • Smallest Size
  • Low Cost



Photonwares MEMS fiber optical switches are in volume production with many customers around the globe. We produce two types of switches: digital and analog, as illustrated below. The digital MEMS consists of multiple mirrors that move within two positions: in or out of the light path, uniquely offering latching,  compatible with all types of fibers, and variable attenuation in each channel in addition to its full switching/off position. The analog MEMS consists of a single mirror that rotates to redirect the light path, providing cost benefits for large fiber counts, but limited to two types of fibers only, SM28 and 50/125.

Digital 1xN MEMS switching
Analog 1xN MEMS switching

MEMS 1×N Fiber Optical Switches – 2D&1D

Standard Configuration

High Isolation Reflection MEMS Switch (LiDAR)